Send pretty e-mails from your app using your existing email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and all others)

Made for developers

Simple & straightforward API allows you to focus on your application and let us deliver the messages to your customers. We will save the templates, your sending profiles, log the transactions, do retries and make sure your customer gets the message.

Made for business

Simple integration allows you to send as much emails as you want from your apps, reuse same templates while injecting them with different variables and sending them from different accounts. Variables -> Template -> Account -> User

Made for customers

Easy and intuitive user interface and experience makes this app as easy as having a cup of team. Once you set up your profiles & templates, there is nothing much to worry about. Informative charts and search system makes it easy to track the communications.


How much emails I can send daily?

You can use this service for free till you send 1k E-mails after which you will be offered to upgrade to a premium subscription (see pricing).


How many retries will you do if the E-mail bounces?

We will try to send the E-mail up to 10 times. All the server responses will be logged under your outgoing E-mail entry in your logs page. The delay between retries exponentially increases (1s, 3s, 5s, 8s...)


How much this cost?

After sending the free email, you will be offered to upgrade to a premium subscription with no limits on sending. We currently charge as little as $3/month charged annually


Can this service be used to send bulk marketing emails?

At this point, we offer only transactional emails. We plan to add more features in the near future. Please keep us posted with your ideas and wishes and we will take them into consideration.

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Create a delivery profile (Gmail, Outlook, Amazone, others), use our pre-existing templates or bring your own, fuse them with dynamic variables and send it in one API call.

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